Women's Health

We provide a nurturing and sensitive environment for women to receive compassionate care for their health care needs. Some of our onsite health services for women and gender non-conforming individuals includes a Breast and Cervical Cancer Program, prenatal care, family planning and more. Goodwin Community Health offers quality and preventative care for women of all ages. This program is open to the public. You do NOT need to be a patient of Goodwin to use this service.


Breast and Cervical Cancer Program (BCCP)

The program serves uninsured women ages 21 and over and live in NH or York County, Maine. Eligible women that meet the income guidelines, the following services would be covered:

  • Office visit for breast exam/papGrandmother-mother-daughter
  • Mammogram (screening and diagnostic)
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Surgical consult
  • Aspiration of breast cyst
  • Breast biopsy (not done at a hospital)
  • Colposcopy

If a woman is under the age of 40, the mammogram and ultrasound would only be covered if woman was having a breast issue (ex. lump found). If cancer is found and woman needs follow up/treatment, she could be enrolled in Medicaid to cover the cost (as long as she is a US citizen or has been in this country at least 5 years).

For more information on our BCCP program or to see if you are eligible, call the BCCP coordinator at (603) 516-2553.


Below, you can see our Breast and Cervical Cancer Program’s Income information

Other Women’s Health Programs Offered at Goodwin

Prenatal & Childbirth

Sexual Health and Family Planning

Gynecology (routine exams and minor procedures)

WIC The Women Infant and Nutrition Program


To schedule an appointment for one of these Women’s Health services, please call our office at (603) 749-2346.

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