Behavioral Health

Your mental health is an important part of your overall health.

Just as you monitor your cholesterol, weight, and blood sugar, regular “mental health check-ups” are also important. We know that medical and mental health conditions often go hand in hand, and each can affect the other. In fact, many of the leading causes of disease are caused by lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise, which Brain 2patients can learn to address. We also know that many of our patients prefer to have all their care in one place. For all these reasons, our Behavioral Health Integration program is housed right in your health care home. Being on site, we can better coordinate with your primary care services, and make sure we are addressing your whole health.

The Behavioral Health Program at Goodwin Community Health is integrated with our Primary Care Department. This means that your Primary Care Provider works closely with your Behavioral Health Provider to offer coordinated care of mind and body.

You and your Provider regularly monitor your mental health along with other health and wellness goals. If a concern is identified, you may have an on-the-spot short introduction with a Behavioral Health Specialist or your Provider will refer you for a formal intake visit.

Your provider will give you a mental health packet which is a set of surveys to screen for mental health conditions and psychological history. This Packet is to be completed and returned to the front desk before your intake visit. At checkout you will be scheduled for your intake.

At your intake, your Behavioral Health provider will develop a treatment plan. Unlike traditional therapy, Behavioral Health interventions are shorter and solution focused.

Notes from your visit are documented in your medical record and both your medical and behavioral health providers communicate closely for comprehensive and coordinated care.


Patients Can Receive Counseling For:

  • Lifestyle changes such as diet or exercise
  • Adjusting to medical problems
  • Life transitions
  • Anxiety management
  • Depression management
  • Alcohol and/or drug problems
  • Stress reduction
  • Self management of Chronic Illness in a Wellness Group Setting

A major philosophy of our program is that patients do best when they are empowered to take charge. This includes learning ways to manage your symptoms such as through diet, education, exercise and building social supports. We also believe in connecting with others, especially with peers who share a similar health focus, can help to make lasting meaningful changes in your life. We are dedicated to helping you by providing the tools and connections to achieve whole health!

For more information, view the Behavioral Health Program Brochure