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Thank you for choosing Goodwin Community Health as your health care provider. Our team is committed to providing you with quality and affordable health care.

It is important for you to understand our Patient Financial Policy.
Read below to learn how we work together to make sure you have the information you need to meet your financial responsibilities for the care and services you receive.



Payment is expected at the time services are rendered unless a third party is to be billed. Co-pays and deposits will be accepted at check in. If you do not have the co-pay or deposit at check in, you may be asked to reschedule. At the time of check out, our staff will inform you of any outstanding balance. If payment cannot be made at the time of service, you will be asked to set up a payment plan with a minimum of $10 per month on any balance.

If you are uninsured, we have onsite health insurance enrollment coordinators, who will work with you to get health care insurance coverage. Find out more about our insurance enrollment coordinators here.


Your care is of the upmost importance to us. We will work with you to create payment plans, and address your balance as you can. At Goodwin, care comes first. This means you can come receive care even with outstanding balances, or when you think you can’t afford it.

Balances older than 120 days will be forwarded to an outside collections agency for assistance in collection. Any balance in an inactive payment plan will not be sent, so please make sure to set up payment plans when needed. Minimum payments are as little as $10 a month. 


Part of our mission is to continue improving access to our services, regardless of ability to pay. Homelessness or extensive medical costs impacting the financial stability of a person or family can cause anxiety, stress and may discourage individuals from getting the care they need. As an organization, we strive to never turn people away, and help whenever and wherever possible. In order to protect our services, you may be asked to provide proof or verification of extreme hardship to show that payment is not possible. In situations of extreme hardship, where payment is not possible, patients will be required to meet with Social Work or Care Coordination staff to document your specific circumstances and/or offer additional support and resources.


Pay Your Bill Here

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