Our wonderful employee of the quarter at Goodwin Community Health is Holly Zerbinopoulos and we are very lucky to have her! Holly is a genuine pleasure to deal with for co-workers and patients alike. Patients have been known to wait to check in with her because they have built rapport in the past and they remember talking with her. Holly is always positive, sweet and calm even in stressful situations, and her great attitude is infectious. This is tremendously important at our front desk and we appreciate Holly so much.

Holly_FinalIn addition, Holly provides excellent customer service and it comes naturally to her. Her shining, supportive spirit extends to all and she is always ready with a caring ear and can-do attitude. We are happy to name Holly Zerbinopoulos Employee of the Quarter because “She is ready and willing to go the extra mile to make sure that everyone has a good experience at Goodwin Community Health.” as Megan Atkins so aptly put it. She exemplifies what we stand for here at Goodwin. Thank you so much Holly.

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