Fall 2014 Employee of the Quarter; Sheena Nutton
We are pleased to announce that the fall 2014 employee of the quarter is Sheena Nutton. When asked why Sheena is deserving of this award, words like “Follow-through, quick learner, and goes the extra mile” came forward. All of these are true about Sheena. Sheena is hard working and consistently follows through with her work. This makes a difference for the organization. As an example, all of the patient accounts that she works in, in our system, comply with our policies. It shows that she cares and follows procedures for the better of the organization. This takes extra time and it is appreciated because the quality of the information affects so many other people and departments here. Sheena is always open to learning new things. This year alone, she learned about the affordable care act and became a certified Application Counselor and also took on learning Dentrix and began supporting the Dental department. According to her manager, “Patients as well as staff trust Sheena with their needs. Hearing Sheena interact with our patients, I know she is proud of the work she does each day.” We are all proud of Sheena and thank and congratulate her for being an exemplary employee and being named this quarter’s employee of the quarter.
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