“I wish I could clone her”, is one of the many comments we received about this employee. While we can’t clone her, we are pleased and proud to honor her by announcing today that this quarter’s “Employee of the quarter” is Sara Garland!
The common theme in all of the nomination forms on Sara was how helpful and positive she is to everyone. For example, “She never states, ’that’s not my job’ instead she is always willing to take on any task requested of her, however large or small. She does so with enthusiasm and direction and is always looking at the big picture.
Sara truly embodies the term ‘team player’ with her positive attitude and willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done. She is an extremely hard worker who never says ‘it’s not my job’ but instead takes on any tasks that come her way with good grace.
And according to her boss, which happens to be Janet, “She is organized and on top of her mound of work. She doesn’t forget anything; she must have some type of system to know when her deadlines come up. I could probably learn a lot from her organizational skills…” Janet also added “she has a positive attitude, is patient with people who interrupt her throughout the day despite her workload. Sara doesn’t just do her job. She keeps me organized and also always has the bigger picture in mind.
Sara, thank you for being truly exceptional and such an example of work ethic, being positive, kind and mission driven. You are often behind the scenes on important projects that others get credit for. Your ‘can-do’ attitude really stands out and makes such a big impact on this organization and on the many great results we achieve here. We all feel lucky to have you. Congratulations!

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