The board of directors of Bi-State Primary Care Association presented awards to New Hampshire residents singled out for their outstanding contributions to improving access to high quality health care in New Hampshire at Bi-State’s 2013 Primary Care Conference held in Fairlee, Vermont.

The Community Service Award, honoring individuals whose volunteer efforts have made a significant impact on vulnerable populations, was presented to Dr. Michael Thompson of Goodwin Community Health in Somersworth. In presenting the award, Janet Atkins, executive director, said, “Dr. Thompson has been with Goodwin Community Health since he left the Medical Residency Program in Concord ten years ago. Although he is a great physician and his patients speak very highly of him, he has done much more than providing excellent medical care to our underserved populations. Dr. Thompson owns a software company and his expertise in this area has helped Federally Qualified Health Centers not only locally, but nationwide. Dr. Thompson works tirelessly with the Community Health Access Network to help create new forms, screens, and to troubleshoot software problems. He has designed templates to help providers become more efficient and incorporate best practices. Any new form he creates, he posts on his computer company website and anyone is allowed to use these – for free. In 2004, we added oral health care to our practice, but our electronic health record program did not have any screens for dental at the time. Dr. Thompson volunteered to create all the screens, including tooth charts and reports. We still use this system today. About five years ago, we had to reduce staff hours due to budget restraints, but Dr. Thompson was concerned that if we reduced nursing coverage, patients wouldn’t receive the care they needed. For a full year, he covered the portion of salaries that were going to be reduced. When we initiated our capital campaign in 2010 for our new facility, Dr. Thompson’s company was the first to donate money toward our new building. Despite all that he has done for our patients, and other FQHCs, Dr. Thompson is soft spoken and humble. He doesn’t like recognition or being the center of attention. Yet, I can’t help but bring his donations and support of the FQHCs to everyone’s attention so that he will receive this well-deserved recognition.”

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