Donna Desmarais is this quarters ‘Employee of the Quarter’. We are recognizing Donna for all of her work in our community on behalf of Goodwin Community Health. Through her Outreach position Donna reaches and makes an impact on the lives of hundreds of local people and helps to make Goodwin Community Health a better, warmer and well know place. Donna has demonstrated her commitment to our patients and the agency through the work she has done in and often goes above and beyond using her own personal time to do the work she cares so much about. She is especially dedicated to the homeless youth population and does everything she can to support them. Donna puts her own special touch on outreach with lots of little things that add up like educating staff on how we can provide healthcare to children under 18 years old and who don’t have a ‘guardian’. Donna can often be found lending a hand for programs like teen night, Prep for Success, Toys for Tots, presenting to congregations, gathering toys-for-tots and clothing for children. She is the ‘face’ of Goodwin for the northern tier of Strafford County and beyond. As one of the nominations she received put it, “She puts her heart and soul into her work”.
On behalf of all of us here at Goodwin Community Health, and on behalf of the countless patients and community members who are touched in one way or another buy your good deeds and kindness, thank you for all you do!

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