Wentworth-Douglass Hospital & Goodwin Community Health
789 Central Avenue, Dover, NH 03820
Date: February 7, 2013
Contact: Noreen Biehl, V.P. of Community Relations
(603) 740-2816, email noreen.biehl@wdhospital.com
Contact: Lara Willard, Director of Marketing & Community Relations
(603) 516-2558, email lwillard@GoodwinCH.org

Wentworth-Douglass Hospital and Goodwin Community Health come together to help patients find appropriate care

Wentworth-Douglass Hospital (WDH) and Goodwin Community Health (Goodwin) recently began a Community Outreach program in the WDH Emergency Department (ER) to assist patients with accessing quality, affordable, preventative care. The new Community Outreach Worker in the WDH Emergency Department, Lisa Duffey, meets with patients who do not have a primary care provider and who have no insurance or have Medicaid prior to their discharge from the ER.

The program guides the patients to use Goodwin for follow-up care after an emergency room visit and to choose a primary care provider to avoid unnecessary trips to the ER. Duffey talks to patients about their particular situations and discusses services Goodwin can provide. She can also schedule the patient for an appointment at Goodwin while they are meeting in the ER at WDH.

“Patients are thrilled,” said Duffey. “They are happy we can help them find the best way to get the healthcare they need and book them an appointment right away.”
WDH President & CEO Gregory Walker says the hope is to decrease costs for the healthcare system and influence a shift in patient behavior by utilizing hospital services for more urgent needs and Goodwin for preventative care and services.

“Through this initiative, we hope all patients will get regular care to treat chronic conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes, reducing the likelihood of emergencies and improving their quality of life,” said Walker.

Goodwin is the only level three, NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home and Federally Qualified Health Center serving the Strafford county area. The center provides primary, dental and behavioral health care based on household income and ability to pay.

“Uninsured and under-insured populations often feel like their only option is the emergency room.” said Janet Atkins, Executive Director of Goodwin Community Health. “We are thankful to Wentworth-Douglass for this opportunity to get the word out that primary, dental and even behavioral health services are available, affordable and right up the road at Goodwin Community Health. Both of our organizations have something to contribute and patients benefit from increased health education and services, and a more proactive approach to good health.”

For more information about Wentworth-Douglass Hospital, please visit www.WDHospital.com or call (603) 742-5252.

For more information about Goodwin Community Health, please visit www.GoodwinCH.org or call (603) 749-2346.

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